The Dark Times

Simple Beginnings

Session 1:
It’s was a beautiful and sunny day in Loudwater and our adventurers were going about their usual businesses when suddenly the south wall exploded with a mighty bang. Civilians standing near it are torn to little pieces by the blast. A smoke cloud fills the broken area as about a dozen goblins start charging through and into the market plaza. Our four adventurers assumed their positions and prepared to fight off these vile creatures. The fight took a while but all the goblins were murdered or routed and their assault had failed. The party chatted up and introduced themselves to each other amongst the many, still bleeding, goblin corpses. Meanwhile some returned townspeople were gazing at them with disbelief. When searching the corpses they find a note upon the goblin leader, who seemed to be versed in magic. The note reads:

I learned through divinations that the totem is in a shop
called Garwan’s Curiosities in Loudwater. Go and retrieve
it. Use the old barrel of alchemist’s fire.
You know how important this is. Without the totem, it
will be harder to perform the magic. We must get the object
back if we are to revive the Ogre King!
Do not fail. I will continue forward with the magic even
if every one of you must be sacrificed. We must get back the
High Shaman Sancossug”

After reading the note our adventurers go towards Garwan’s shop, which is right next to the breach. They question him about the totem and learn that a wizard called Curuvar sold the totem to him. It’s called the horn totem and it’s made out of a broken horn from an oni. It has a hilt so it could be used as a dagger. After getting kicked out of Garwan’s shop because he was irritated by his bad luck, our adventurers head towards the green tankard tavern. Their the quickly find Curuvar amongst the ordinary townsfolk. He is dressed like a stereotypical wizard, but even more stereotypical. He shares some information about a barrow in the southwood, not far from the village but he seems to be witholding some information. Vektro then intimidates him to squeeze everything he knows out. The wizard explains them that there is another totem and that the goblins are trying to re-summon the Ogre King, which is actually an oni. After this crucial bit of information our adventurers had out on their first shared quest.

They travel for about 2 days till they reach the goblin’s cave. When they reach the location they see this long courtyard with big pillars at the side standing a little bit in front of the entrance, which is located in a cliff-side. The party ventured forth, full stride, over the courtyard when suddenly the ground beneath them fell away and they all tumbled down. Upon reaching the bottom with painful smacks they were directly assaulted by a pack of dogs and a few goblins. The ensuing battle was hard and they almost lost Zovra and vVektro but they party endured on and slaughtered everything in the room. Afterwards the went to take a extended rest upon a magical disk which they uncovered after searching the room.

Little did they know what the disk really did…



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